Kayla Paul

Board Director

As a continuing student at the University of Regina, Kayla Paul brings a diverse background to industry, with over 5 years of management experience and a strong passion for helping others. Kayla is currently the Operations Manager at Xtended Hydraulic & Machine and is committed to providing solutions to improve engagement leading to more effective operations. Kayla has a passion for training and development, ensuring that the team is equipped with the necessary skills and resources to provide excellent service to clients. Diversity and Inclusion is a necessity to Kayla, bringing forward her lived experience and setting the standard in the manufacturing industry, leading with compassion.

In her free time, Kayla loves to spend time with her two boys and pursue personal interests such as reading and practicing yoga. With a deep interest in psychology, Kayla is dedicated to understanding the human mind and is using her education to further assist her community and organization.

Kayla Paul is a natural people-person and with a community first mind set. She is drawn to individuals and organizations that strive to make a positive impact. With a passion for change, Kayla is dedicated to helping others achieve their goals and make a real difference in her communities as a board member in various organizations.