Toni Dumais


Toni Dumais is a proud Prophet River First Nation member. As an entrepreneur and student, she has found a deep passion for solving complex problems, overcoming challenges, and leaning in towards a growth mindset. Toni has worked in the energy industry for over 20 years where she has worked her way up the ranks from labourer and welder’s helper to pipefitter, quality control manager, dispatch/ cost control, project manager, fabrication and construction coordinator, and now into leadership/management. This has prepared her to be an efficient, knowledgeable and proactive leader in steel fabrication and advanced manufacturing. As a businesswoman, Toni has discovered valuable strategic insights through researching the diverse Canadian industries and the national economic climate to formulate market analysis, operational/financial planning strategies, and an arrangement of opportunities that underline thereof. Presently, Toni is the Chief Operating Officer at Kihew FabCo Ltd, a digitally integrated and robotically automated welding fabrication shop, located in Melville, SK. She is also working on her Executive Master of Business Administration through Simon Fraser University Beedie School of Business. Toni has discovered that she enjoys challenging herself and stretching outside her comfort zone. She is an effective leader by establishing positive reinforcement and empowering team members.